Sunday, 3 May 2009

St7udent Union

As youwill know i didnt get the position of su president this frieday but i thought it would be a good thing to say a few words about.

I have a diverse group of supporters and helpers before and during the day, some with promises of first votes some second, third and fourth but what really mattered was that they busied themselves around my table and made me enjoy what was potentially a stressfull day.

The ovtes were announced and i stood in the centre of a group of friends that rteached for my hand and tried to chill me out!

After it was announced there were a group of people that initially ran me outside to 'fresh air' ;) and just let me be silent to let it sink in.

After that people i didnt even know before told me how sorry they were for me and gave hugs and stood and chatted.

The verdict was that someone else got it! it was not even close, it shows the power of unity!

after that the tears came, i wont lie. but not nbesessarily for me. I was gutted yes that i didnt get the position but i havd really underestimated how much i really wanted it. not for me future or to benifit me but because of the promisises i had made and the changes i was so ready to make for the better of those to come.

My point is that all day winner or looser i was sourounded by a unit. a unit that is capable to change things a unit that does not realise its power!

On our own we are not very stong but as a team things can be done! x

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Rosie said...

We will change the world Danielle!