Sunday, 19 April 2009

making mistakes!

I was worried a while back the people roles within the group were starting to merge! in a tight group it is woderful to see the support from others to help you with your work load however i have realised that there always needs to be a clear leader and point of contact. especially when working with other people and establishments eg schools/chiswick house.

There was confusion about the tuesday worshop at Alexandra school for what seams to be a few reasons. I had to learn very quickly how to rectify a mistake and not liking tp upset people i found approaching this really hard. I did however arange a meeting and went in myself the following week to make sure it ran smoothly and see for myself the task in hand and amir, matt and i anded up having lots of fun with the students and after explaning the situation to the school calmly and fairly they understood.

This just pointed out to me how situations should not be left, the sooner a problem is dealt with the easer it is sorted and i feel we should learn from this and use the idea as we work through our project

It is a shame this had to happen to highlight the importance of leaders and ashored roles however im glad that we have learnt from it and has hopefully woken us all up to the importnce of what challenges we are undertaking!

finally i learnt allot. i was really scared to deal with it but i had to as part of my job and now i no i can do it, i can do it again else where in life if need be with confidence. THis proved that ths project is a masive learning curve for not only the duration of the project but for later life!


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