Sunday, 19 April 2009

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'its amazing the buzz you get after a sucessfull workshop. when your students have learnt and had fun and so have you. When you have supassed all possible expectations bt not nesessarily by getting more work done or clear and definate answers but sometimes by the small things....

A young boy was in our group today and we were told at the start that he was a 'difficult student who has not spoen a work of english or his own 1st language since he started in september' and it was now march

our reaction? i didnt really feel that was fair, i ddnt now know if we shoud just treat him the same but was this possible now we had been told that he was 'disruptive and would never cooperate' i got really worried to start with and then thought no! treat hm the same as every other child and quickly forgot about what we had been told.

the workshop ended and the teacher was smiling ad after we waved goodbye to the children the teacher ducked out of the lesson and said that she was shocked! we didnt really understand why but she went on to tell us that the boy she had spoken of spoke and interacted with us and the other children for the first time and begged us to come back again.

This was so rewaring and more rewarding that i had not noticed. the fact that we treated him the smae, not knowing what he looked like and for him it was a fresh start aside from the connertations that he was tarnished with and fr us just another student to play and learn with through our workshop!

It was the workshop where we started acting as soon as the lesson started. the children were consumed with the work as they were transported to egypt. it allows them to feel a part of th action and the idea of a quest made them so enthastic. This worked so well and thechildren were enchanted. They didnt not at first full believe the work and our intentions but as time went passed and they saw how seriously we took the work they soon one by one trusted in it and got involved making chants, maps and mind mapping the image and personality f some of the characters that had been introduced through story.

The buzz was amazing, a real natural high!

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