Sunday, 19 April 2009


sitting in my bedroom and can here fab watching the man united vs everton game.

its strange how he is so much a part of it.

if they win he gets no monetry benifit or pat on he back. its nothing but satisfaction that comes with his own personal assosiateon with the team.

it is not a real reflection of him but he is so into the team and wants thier sucess so much he route for them in every match, hardly ever misses one and if he does he is heart broken that he did not support them. even though ronaldo or roonie would not be angry with him he feels he has let them down i guess.

being part of a team, not part of the action nesessarily but wanting the best outcome through assosiation? x

His reaction to this:
'A sense of acheivment and unity is felt when the team wins as you feel like you have played your part, i have not ever played for the team yet do feel there every emotion either good or bad.'

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