Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ade: if your hands are in the dish!

I met up with a man called Ade last Thurday fr my dissertation. He has his own company called 'if your hands are in the dish' and basically takes forum theatre around the UK to all ages to drum up an interest and most of all, Change!

AT first i was nervous about meeting him as the meeting was initially at his house and im am always scared so this made me a bit worried. firstly i want to discuss that feeling.......

I rarely put myself in situations that i feel uncomfortable with. I felt that it would be silly, a young girl to meet an older man at his house. This is nothing against ade, far from it as i could tell he was going to be a very lovely and enthuastic man that was generously giving up his time to help me with my dissertation! however im a bleiever in if you have any doubt dont do it because if it was bad you would always wish you never did it. This intreagues me with children and thier confort zones??? something maybe we could work through in the project or just workshops!

anyway...... I met him at a cafe in Sullindge in kent! and he was BRILLIANT! so helpfull and fll of amazing ideas. he was so confident but not arrogant. he know his stuff but was equally interested in me and what i persieved forum was in realation to what i had done. I honestly believe that he has single handedly injected some enthasiasm and passion back into my dissertation and encouraged me to show my journey and experiences!

He works alot with charities and was really interested to hear all about other projects such as Roben Island Bible and the work that goes on at St Marys. He incouraged me to make a change and not be afraid to be wrong. He prouved that forum is a process that allows for stepping stones and it is always more benifitial for children and adults to see and do things rather than just listen. I beleieve this to be a reflection of our work. The students we work with encompass the whole process and they watch thier work come to life! MAGIC!

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