Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More bookings!

ok so ive now made worshop dates with The green school, Wellington school and Oriel Primary which has made me so happy! this means we need to start planning workshops. I do have general ideas from the groups last year eg, telling a story and letting them finish or even taking the names of the areas of chiswick house and getting them to think up characters and reasons behind thier names but i need more ideas to make this workshops really inspiring as they are the first contact the students and teachers will have with our project and we want them to be very enthuastic! so please help yay! i will also need to rope people in to come and help out with work shops! if there are any days people cant do due to work etc could you put a note on the board in the office eg danielle cant do wednesdays due to chess match or something along those lines! also can everyone please put thier mobile numbers up in there. once they are there ill type them up to make it look pretty but we need to start pulling together! very excited wahoo! x

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