Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Parents and students

Hey a random one but yo may have heard me speak alot about parent/student relationships and its something that i am really interested in. i like to think of myself as an example. parents still married and a sister i get on well with but there are still things i seem to protect my parents from. as starnge as it sounds, the big things ive lied about (not like i went to the park instead of a sleepover when i was 13) but i mean those big life experiences that noone should go at alone i often dont tell my parents for fear of upsetting them or shatteing thier world! i then think about my possible family and how i would hate my children to keep those big things from me! ofcorse its important that parents dont know everything just like adults dont tell children everything but for some strage reason i cant help but think that the reson i said or say nothing is not because im ashamed or scared but because of this idea of protection! can anyone shed any light on this?

i believe that through drama we can help berak these barriers. it will take persistance and bravery to challnge parents on thier approach as i can only imagine that i would not be best pleased to have a 20year old girl doubt mine and my childs relationship but with this could come amazing results.

small case sinario could be more trust at home, happier children and better quality of home life. big scale being less crime/ underage pregnancy pregnancy and less broken homes maybe? i dont know really if im right its just something i think is undescovered and i would like to maybe uncover a part of it? maybe through the big project?



Anonymous said...

i can definately relate with protecting your parents. i come from a single parent family; my mum raised me on her own for 10years then got remarried. i still dont tell her everything even though she wants me too. I feel that she wont want to know it all as i strongly see her as my mum not as a best friend. I still tell her stuff and we are very close but i am just choosy with what i tell her. for example, i can tell her anything about friends, family, uni, and work but when it comes to boys i just dont tell her. I know she still sees me as her baby and she just doesnt want to know certain things! I think for some families drama can and should be definately used to break down the barriers. My friend had a baby 3 years ago when she was 18..she didnt have a very good relationship with her mum but if she did then maybe her life would be different now - she doesnt regret having her daughter but feels she has missed out on her own childhood.

Rosie said...

I really see where you are both coming from. Like Bex I come from a single parent family so I live with my mum and little sister. I think teenagers these days, really do try and protect their parents from the 'big stuff'...I know I do. Like Bex I can talk to my mum about friends n stuff but my sister and I hardly ever talk about normal things that sisters talk about. Considering there is only a year between us. I would have loved for drama to have been used with us when we were younger so that we could find ways of not fighting and being able to have a civilized conversation. Which I think alot of children need especially today!