Thursday, 4 December 2008

dont let the bed bugs bite!

OK im going to put this out there. i have never slept well, im 21 years old and still have really really bad nightmears however i have an idea. im certain im not the only person to feel this way. not all 21 year olds i mean when you young and bed time, instead of being tranquil and an escape can be a scary thing that is feared. i was chatting with rosie today about this idea i have for a prominade performance based around the themes of my last blog about children/parent (family) intergration and breaking of barriers.

this is at its very first stages but i imagine.......

somehow finding out from our own nightmares and imaginations as well as school children etc what its like in their not so nice dreams (i appreciate you would have to be tactfull but not sure how just yet)

i would then turn these into mini experiences and have outcomes.

bare with me....

i imagine a main character (eg an 8 yr old girl in her pjamas with a teddy) icon of bedtime! it could start with hot chocolate for the crowd (thats what i have before bed) and mass bookshelves with amaing books from our childhood like the hungry catipillar and were going on a bear hunt etc! this gives parents time to read to thier children (something that they may not normaly have time to do or get in from work too late and miss bedtime stories etc)

then there could be a duvet section (or something to symbolise the bed and comfort, i imagine lots of fabrics (like comfort blankets etc) and some sort of ritualistic game and then eveone lies down!

then drem like music (magical so thier dreams appear to come to life with lights and glitter and sounds!!!!!!!!!

then they walk though a path (site specific) and they face thier fears...... a giant wardrobe thought to contain an evil dragon is actually just........... (somthing else and they do an activity at that stand, the idea being the mum/dad works with son/daughter to crack some sort of bed time code that could then be used (whatever it is... like a rhyme/poem) could be read at the childs own bed time to sooth them or even something more grown up!

i like the idea of owning a star with your parents. anything you cant tell them you wish upon a star...... ok im going off on one! but i see this as massive and part scary but leading into a resolution and the conclusion is team work wthin familys. like a magical dream treasure hunt with a prize to hold at the end but to win the gift of togetherness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and they all lived hapily ever after



Anonymous said...

i love it. even though im doing a smaller project next year...i really like the sound of this one! the idea of wishing on a star and it being something you cant tell your parents is really good. stars are a good way to explain to children about bereavement and loss i.e. saying the brightest star in the sky is that person (who has died) is looking down on them. i know it doesnt really link to your bedtime theme but i think stars is a really nice to link it in. so basically i really like it!

Rosie said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also I absolutly love childrens books so the idea of reading them stories they love and we love is soooo nice!

cant wait to talk about this more!

Mark Griffin said...

I like the idea of setting a show at night - children always have a complicated relationship with the dark and this idea of accompanying adventures might be really interesting to explore. The dark is often a metaphor for ignorance in children's literature and learning how to deal with it one of the great themes.

Carolina said...

Oh my God!!! NO you are not the only person, because I have exactly the same problem. I still remember some dreams I had when I was five. I love your idea for the project, i can really relate to it. if the group agrees I would be very happy if we could develop your idea and go forward with it.

Mark Griffin said...

I was in Ham House this morning to help rerig the lights for The Tempest. There were no lights on in the main house and it took a while to get accoustomed to the light. It made me think about this idea. I just wondered whether a large mansion or historic building might be a good host site for this kind of work? I imagine it taking place in Winter as well? ... but that might just be me.

Danielle Sykes said...

No i agree mark, it needs to have an icy atmosphere to have full effect! sort of creepy with the use of canldes to warm certain areas! (health and safety ahh) i think we could draw from the character of the building used and use the space in an original way... somehow?