Friday, 5 December 2008

cambodia/ malopprbang

people, loss, kindness, distruction, love, forgiveness, pride, respect, deprived, humble, reflective, keen to learn, never forget!

when i was in cambodia i set up a school on the beach! started with 2 girls making bracelets for me and i offered to help them write notes the the peoplethat sponspre their schooling and by the end we ended up with 16 pupils. myself and dave my traveling partner just helped them write down english as they could speak it quite well. they were so greatfull and keen to learn. i thought back to when i was at school and hated going in sometimes or played up in class and i realised how lucky we are and how lucky the children are that we will be working with on our project. to be in school, learining, in contact with projects like this and plays and literature. i hope we can show them how great this gift is though our work! i dont know how but after seeing these children flock on the beach when they should be braiding hair or selling fruit to make money for thier own family at the age of 7-18 ive realised how fast they are forced to grow up!

Malopprbang is also set up to help street kids and females get a better life for themselves. to make things and sell in a shop instead of beg or teach a trade and recieve money for it. i went to work with this organisation and you can see a real exchange. i dont mind giving money as long as its an exchange. that does not have to be goods though, it can be time or patience that is all i ask and all malopprabang ask.

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