Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Treasure Hunt

Storytelling with Molly, my view on childrens learning and some Verbatim and Forum

This lesson was particuarlally interesting to me as i look to go on to working with primary school children. Im speaking specifically about how molly told a story to us lying down calm and free to let imagination grow in conjunction to her sitting us up and the focus of the story turned to discipline. I have a huge hang up on "inflicting learning" on children as i feel this is the stale, regimented learning we all grow tired of. I feel that if learning is made a discovery for children it cant be treated much like a treasure hunt. After piecing all the clues together themselves they will find the over all answers or treasure. This in turn will be more rewarding without cheeting (or with the use of a forcefull teacher in my example) but with guidence and support they can map thier own way to sucess with the beauty of an inquisitive mind and imagination!

From my own experience at school i had teachers i loved and teachers i didnt like so much. ive broken it down and realised that those that help me learn without making me realise i was learning were the ones i admired the most and often the subjects i excelled in!

Children are often more inteligent than we give credit for, they undrstand far more about the world than we expect and often the sheer raw quality that thier innocence brings to the table makes them more honest than any other comunity sector. They are brave without feeling proud and they truely ooze honesty and reflect reality without bending the truth to make others look better. i belive children are real, fresh and exciting and the work that can be created with them will mimic this if they are given the space and freedom to grow and develope.

Who are we to stand and tell someone what is right and wrong and how an 8 year old should deal with divorce or how a 15 year old could deal with being pregnant. Even if we did experience these things at this age, circumstances change and time moves on. the real answers are lying benith them, with thier peirs because only they know what its like to be 8 or 15 in 2008 in the place they are living and at the school they attend. So let them be the experts, let them educate us and in return we should share our ideas and become the driving force to evoke change!

This is also where Forum Theatre comes in to play as i believe from what i said above that it can be applied in schools, youth clubs and other support groups to help young people cope with the stresses and strains of growing up, peer pressure and the encounters they may face along the way. I did not mean this to say that an authority figuye should be lost along the way however a good educator should find a fair balance, but how easy could this be with various groups in society? would it work in every case?

This links in closely with verbatim. This can show a true reflection of peoples lives. No need for the performer to pretend as they are showing an exact representation of someone that has experienced the thing that they are about to display, be it opinion or fact. In the lesson when group A did an "exact" performance of what group B had just done it did cause a stir. Some people did not like seeing what they do, others felt that thier partner over exagerated. This can be a problem when doing this type of work so we discussed allowing the person being copied becoming the director. My only question to this is would this take away the real quality that this work holds because the director may not want to see themselves they way they are percieved in this world. Much like a natural photo of myself i will often hate however one where i am ready for the photo i am often more pleased with.

I am very much looking forward to the responses to the binge drinking verbatim topic we are covering. i hope to have a diverse range of responses. I would just like to say that when i contacted Mcluskys they were so helpfull but just like i thought, oceana did not want to have anything to do with it dispite what i felt was a very tactfull approach. but ill keep trying!

Also i really urge people to go onto youtube and look at the responces that Black Watch by Gregory Burke got when performed by the Scottish National Theatre. I will keep trying to upload itonto this blog but it is just a clear representation of how a show made up of real statements can have an rare honesty about it and in turn have a huge impact on its spectators.

"this soldier’s viewpoint is a blast of fresh air. And not once in two hours do you remember you’re watching actors. You think you’re watching Scottish squaddies, square-bashing, on ops, “on the pish” – the energy and conviction of the ensemble is astonishing.

I hope that review underpins the real need for verbatim and the real need for truth!

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Mark Griffin said...

Intresting that Oceana didn't want to have anything to do with the project, Danielle. Of course their negative response can also be incorporated into the work - it says a lot and is vital to understand the full debate.