Tuesday, 21 October 2008

start at the very beginning what a very good place to start!

Just set up my blogg.... a little late i hear you cry but after realising that the directing course was not for me i decided that drama in the community was where my heart was! ive been thinking long and hard about why and ive realised that i have a true passion for working along side others to generate a change amoungst others! i think that the word offend came up alot in our lecture last week and whilst trying my best to not sound out of line i feel that it is by causing a stir that change can occur! (without any intention of rhyming.) That is all i will write for now as my notes are not close by and i can often divulge in many other topics and go off on a tangent however i look forward to sharing ideas with you all and moving forward through this module as a team!

danielle x

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Mark Griffin said...

Great to see you up and running Danielle!