Sunday, 3 May 2009


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St7udent Union

As youwill know i didnt get the position of su president this frieday but i thought it would be a good thing to say a few words about.

I have a diverse group of supporters and helpers before and during the day, some with promises of first votes some second, third and fourth but what really mattered was that they busied themselves around my table and made me enjoy what was potentially a stressfull day.

The ovtes were announced and i stood in the centre of a group of friends that rteached for my hand and tried to chill me out!

After it was announced there were a group of people that initially ran me outside to 'fresh air' ;) and just let me be silent to let it sink in.

After that people i didnt even know before told me how sorry they were for me and gave hugs and stood and chatted.

The verdict was that someone else got it! it was not even close, it shows the power of unity!

after that the tears came, i wont lie. but not nbesessarily for me. I was gutted yes that i didnt get the position but i havd really underestimated how much i really wanted it. not for me future or to benifit me but because of the promisises i had made and the changes i was so ready to make for the better of those to come.

My point is that all day winner or looser i was sourounded by a unit. a unit that is capable to change things a unit that does not realise its power!

On our own we are not very stong but as a team things can be done! x

Sunday, 19 April 2009


sitting in my bedroom and can here fab watching the man united vs everton game.

its strange how he is so much a part of it.

if they win he gets no monetry benifit or pat on he back. its nothing but satisfaction that comes with his own personal assosiateon with the team.

it is not a real reflection of him but he is so into the team and wants thier sucess so much he route for them in every match, hardly ever misses one and if he does he is heart broken that he did not support them. even though ronaldo or roonie would not be angry with him he feels he has let them down i guess.

being part of a team, not part of the action nesessarily but wanting the best outcome through assosiation? x

His reaction to this:
'A sense of acheivment and unity is felt when the team wins as you feel like you have played your part, i have not ever played for the team yet do feel there every emotion either good or bad.'

Shakespeare Workshop review!

I flt so previlaged when i was asked to be incolved in the Royal Shakespeare Company's workshop for teachers. The idea was to learn lots of games and teaching techniques to help create more interest in shakespeare in schools and make it wasier and more interesting to learn across all ages. I did not really know what to expect but was very excited. I was asked to write a review for molly after the wokshop about how it went and what i learnt so i thought i would post that.

The Royal Shakespeare Workshop carried out at St Mary’s University Twickenham offered a refreshing and accessible way to teach Shakespeare in order to gain a greater understanding of potentially initially daunting texts. The inset course run by Taryn Storey was a collaboration of games and activities geared towards unpicking Shakespearian language to encourage performers to find the hidden clues within the text, that when discovered unlock the indication of staging, characterisation and setting as the RSC believe that all young people in schools today are entitled to a positive experience of Shakespeare through the best possible teaching.

As a prospective teacher myself the day helped by building my confidence surrounding the work of Shakespeare and helped me to realise its importance within the National Curriculum. It was stressed that his work is not to be feared, hated or static but in fact should be performed, animated and celebrated. It made me appreciate that Shakespeare writes about all the relevant aspects of today’s society however uses more eloquent and aesthetic vocabulary that demands to be spoken in a certain rhythm and pace. It is only through this workshop that I got a direct understanding of the demands of the text and where to look for these clues. Once the clues had been pointed out to us and we had a chance to play about with the ideas it seemed hard to remember why we could not initially identify them as it all started to become very clear.

The day was a chance to meet other teachers from different schools and backgrounds that all have different students with varied abilities and interests. Taryn demonstrated tasks that could be adapted to suit any student and as the course progressed we all discussed further ideas with each other of our own experiences and potential ways to adapt and filter the work from the session into the classroom. All the activities were also relevant across Shakespeare’s vast range of plays so that those that attended could go away with a bank of activities ready to apply to their given texts making the day relevant for everyone.

The day became a blend of images and sounds that resonated the themes within both the Tempest and Romeo and Juliette whilst also being open to be applied to other texts. It not only offered teachers a chance to discuss ideas for possible lessons but also a chance to learn more about the schools in their local areas. It captured us all as adults as we worked through text engaging our imaginations along with our senses.

We began to gain a greater understanding of characters and their emotions as well as their rolls within the plays. It soon became a pleasure to study Shakespeare through games, on our feet with enthusiasm and intent as it should be. By doing this, the work we produced appeared coherent and overall fun to watch and I would urge anyone to take part in this workshop if the chance arose as it has completely changed my slant on Shakespeare and injected life into work that is so often loathed but should only ever be enjoyed. I believe the students will reflect the clear and enthusiastic methods of which Shakespeare is now to be taught.

I just found my.....

Bloggs to write up!........

'its amazing the buzz you get after a sucessfull workshop. when your students have learnt and had fun and so have you. When you have supassed all possible expectations bt not nesessarily by getting more work done or clear and definate answers but sometimes by the small things....

A young boy was in our group today and we were told at the start that he was a 'difficult student who has not spoen a work of english or his own 1st language since he started in september' and it was now march

our reaction? i didnt really feel that was fair, i ddnt now know if we shoud just treat him the same but was this possible now we had been told that he was 'disruptive and would never cooperate' i got really worried to start with and then thought no! treat hm the same as every other child and quickly forgot about what we had been told.

the workshop ended and the teacher was smiling ad after we waved goodbye to the children the teacher ducked out of the lesson and said that she was shocked! we didnt really understand why but she went on to tell us that the boy she had spoken of spoke and interacted with us and the other children for the first time and begged us to come back again.

This was so rewaring and more rewarding that i had not noticed. the fact that we treated him the smae, not knowing what he looked like and for him it was a fresh start aside from the connertations that he was tarnished with and fr us just another student to play and learn with through our workshop!

It was the workshop where we started acting as soon as the lesson started. the children were consumed with the work as they were transported to egypt. it allows them to feel a part of th action and the idea of a quest made them so enthastic. This worked so well and thechildren were enchanted. They didnt not at first full believe the work and our intentions but as time went passed and they saw how seriously we took the work they soon one by one trusted in it and got involved making chants, maps and mind mapping the image and personality f some of the characters that had been introduced through story.

The buzz was amazing, a real natural high!

Ade: if your hands are in the dish!

I met up with a man called Ade last Thurday fr my dissertation. He has his own company called 'if your hands are in the dish' and basically takes forum theatre around the UK to all ages to drum up an interest and most of all, Change!

AT first i was nervous about meeting him as the meeting was initially at his house and im am always scared so this made me a bit worried. firstly i want to discuss that feeling.......

I rarely put myself in situations that i feel uncomfortable with. I felt that it would be silly, a young girl to meet an older man at his house. This is nothing against ade, far from it as i could tell he was going to be a very lovely and enthuastic man that was generously giving up his time to help me with my dissertation! however im a bleiever in if you have any doubt dont do it because if it was bad you would always wish you never did it. This intreagues me with children and thier confort zones??? something maybe we could work through in the project or just workshops!

anyway...... I met him at a cafe in Sullindge in kent! and he was BRILLIANT! so helpfull and fll of amazing ideas. he was so confident but not arrogant. he know his stuff but was equally interested in me and what i persieved forum was in realation to what i had done. I honestly believe that he has single handedly injected some enthasiasm and passion back into my dissertation and encouraged me to show my journey and experiences!

He works alot with charities and was really interested to hear all about other projects such as Roben Island Bible and the work that goes on at St Marys. He incouraged me to make a change and not be afraid to be wrong. He prouved that forum is a process that allows for stepping stones and it is always more benifitial for children and adults to see and do things rather than just listen. I beleieve this to be a reflection of our work. The students we work with encompass the whole process and they watch thier work come to life! MAGIC!

making mistakes!

I was worried a while back the people roles within the group were starting to merge! in a tight group it is woderful to see the support from others to help you with your work load however i have realised that there always needs to be a clear leader and point of contact. especially when working with other people and establishments eg schools/chiswick house.

There was confusion about the tuesday worshop at Alexandra school for what seams to be a few reasons. I had to learn very quickly how to rectify a mistake and not liking tp upset people i found approaching this really hard. I did however arange a meeting and went in myself the following week to make sure it ran smoothly and see for myself the task in hand and amir, matt and i anded up having lots of fun with the students and after explaning the situation to the school calmly and fairly they understood.

This just pointed out to me how situations should not be left, the sooner a problem is dealt with the easer it is sorted and i feel we should learn from this and use the idea as we work through our project

It is a shame this had to happen to highlight the importance of leaders and ashored roles however im glad that we have learnt from it and has hopefully woken us all up to the importnce of what challenges we are undertaking!

finally i learnt allot. i was really scared to deal with it but i had to as part of my job and now i no i can do it, i can do it again else where in life if need be with confidence. THis proved that ths project is a masive learning curve for not only the duration of the project but for later life!